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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects is currently working with Untold Brewing to help conceptualize solutions to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and the restrictions imposed upon their business. Their taproom is currently closed to patrons for on-site consumption but BFE’s goal is to provide them with a plan that allows them to safely open again.

Taylor and Jesse (BFE Architects) recently presented two schematic design options to Untold Brewing owner Matt Elder via Zoom. The first being a less invasive option which limits the disruption to brewing operations with architectural changes while creating new circulation paths and expanding their outdoor space. The second, more invasive, option proposes an exterior bar, the addition of a kitchen in an adjacent building, and the expansion of their existing patio space.

(Screenshot from Zoom meeting showing the “Most Invasive” site diagram)


Street/Patio View


(Proposed - Least Invasive)

(Proposed - Most Invasive)

Side/Back Yard View


(Proposed - Least Invasive)

(Proposed - Most Invasive)

Next steps

The Untold Brewing team will review the proposed interventions and provide feedback to BFE. BFE will then implement their comments into one final design proposal which will then go to C.E. Floyd for schematic pricing.

Keep an eye out for more posts about their work with Untold Brewing!


For more information regarding the competition, contact Taylor Theriault at & 781-862-3313).

We are excited and honored to announce that Adelaide of Newton Centre has won a 2020 BSA Design Award for Healthcare Facilities Design!

Congratulations to @benchmarklivinghq @erlandconstruction @stefura_associates @stantec and all of our Team who helped make this possible!

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