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Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects is distinguished by an attitude that views the design process as an individualized and inclusive experience focused on communication.

Stage One

Our first objective is to gather comprehensive site information, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations. During this initial phase, we involve engineers as necessary to address issues crucial to the community at large. We proceed by developing preliminary sketches, ensuring continuous communication with our clients at every step of the process.

Sawyer_First Floor Plan.jpg

Stage Two

Once we finalize the chosen design approach, our team advances to create detailed drawings and renderings, providing you with a visual representation of your project coming to life. Throughout this phase, we incorporate considerations for material choices, construction practices, and sustainability efforts, ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed approach to bringing your vision to reality.




Stage Three

Throughout the construction phase, our involvement is continuous, ensuring a comprehensive engagement in the entire process. We uphold constant communication with our clients, actively incorporating their feedback into the ongoing design evolution. This collaboration approach ensures that the project aligns seamlessly with your vision and expectations.


The firm is committed to the value system of each client. Consensus and cooperation are established through the participation of all interested groups and we encourage our clients to be involved in all facets of the design process.

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