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Taylor M. Theriault, AIA, CHPC, NCARB


Taylor is an integral part of Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects, having joined the firm in 2016. With a keen focus on the transformative power of architecture within its contextual surroundings, Taylor is passionate about shaping spaces that resonate with the lives of those who engage with them. 

His diverse portfolio encompasses a range of projects, with a particular affinity for residential design. A recent addition to his repertoire is the design of breweries. Taylor's expertise also extends to larger-scale ventures, with notable contributions to projects such as Beth Israel Synagogue, MIT-Lincoln Laboratory Auditorium, Pierce Farm, and multi-family residences in Lexington. 

Taylor earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he continued his studies to attain his Master of Architecture. As a licensed Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Additionally, Taylor holds a certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, showcasing his commitment to excellence and professional standards. 

Dedicated to sustainable design, Taylor is a Certified Passive Housing Consultant (CPHC), reflecting his commitment to creating environmentally conscious and energy-efficient spaces. 

Beyond the architectural realm, Taylor finds joy in a variety of pursuits. Whether he's navigating the golf course, carving through snow on a snowboard, exploring nature and embarking on travel adventures with his family, or engaging in DIY home projects, Taylor brings a well-rounded passion for life that resonates with his approach to architecture. His multifaceted interests enrich the creative tapestry that defines his professional and personal endeavors.

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