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Milo Theriault

Office Top Dog

Office Top Dog

Meet Milo, our beloved canine colleague who has been an integral part of the BFE team since 2020. With his enchanting blue eyes and affable nature, Milo brings an abundance of joy and positive energy to our architecture firm.

Milo's role at BFE extends beyond fetching blueprints – he excels in creating a pawsitive and vibrant atmosphere in the office. His friendly demeanor makes him a beloved companion to everyone in the office. Milo is a connoisseur of treats, always ready to indulge in the finest snacks available.

Belly rubs are another one of his favorite pastimes, and he knows how to melt hearts with those soulful eyes. And did we mention treats? Milo believes in the philosophy of "more treats, more happiness."

Milo is more than just a furry friend; he's an essential member of our team, contributing to the positive and collaborative spirit that defines BFE. His presence is a reminder that even in the world of architecture, a wagging tail and a playful spirit can go a long way in creating a harmonious and inspiring work environment.

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