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The Tufts University main campus located in Medford and Somerville, MA wished to increase its on-campus housing to alleviate the housing shortage in the greater community. The three properties, located on the outskirts of campus were designed to give junior and seniors apartment style living. The three main goals of the projects were to maximize bedrooms, sustainability, and accessibility. Every student living in these apartments receives approximately an 115sf single bedroom with a shared(3-5 students) bathroom and a communal living and kitchen area. The buildings are constructed with prefabricated-super insulated panels to meet Passive House criteria. The existing buildings could have housed a total of 20 student bedrooms while the new constructions and renovations now provide 76 student bedrooms and 3 Resident Director apartments.

Winthrop orig.jpg

Before and After


Site Plan


Second Floor Installation


Third Floor Installation

Roof Installation


Exterior Siding

50 Winthrop is a corner lot that nestles into the neighborhood context by providing 3-apartments/21-bedroom dormitory. Each in all three new constructions receives large operable windows for fresh air and natural daylight. Each dormitory’s common areas are large open areas for students to get together for either studying or leisure.

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sawyer orig.jpg

Before and After


Site Plan_Sawyer_png.png

Site Plan


Foundation/Damp Proofing


Interior Wall Framing

sawyer construct.jpg

New Addition


New Addition

29 Sawyer was determined to have a structurally safe existing building which led to its renovation. A new entrance connector was installed between the renovated structure and new addition. Included in the 4-apartments/26-bedroom dormitory is a laundry room for the students.

capen orig.jpg

Before and After


Site Plan_Capen_ps.png

Site Plan


Retaining Wall Installation


Interior Wall Framing


Panel Installation

capen envelope.jpg

Complete Envelope

2-4 Capen is also corner lot that is set into the hill but still provides accessibility to the building. This 3-apartments/28-bedroom dormitory has a central entrance with a communal laundry room. Each apartment has a fully electric kitchen appliance and electric building systems. The roofs are prepped and structurally designed for future solar panels to be net zero energy usage.

Medford Properties Mayor Presentation Pa
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