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January 2010


Aspen Construction


Lexington Orthodontics, LLC.


Lexington, MA

This project involved reconsidering the way in which an orthodontic office should appear and function. The client had a strong modern aesthetic and distaste for most of the traditional offices she had seen and worked in. However, the prime location for her practice placed her in a very traditional structure within a historic neighborhood. We therefore turned inward with the design in order to create an aesthetically contemporary space that fit functionally within this traditional old home. Taking clues from our client's objection to "standard" office environments, we envisioned her practice to be somewhere between the clean clinical simplicity of a laboratory, and the comfort and peacefulness of a spa. The concrete counter material, A metal mesh clad reception desk, a bamboo light shelf, and large sliding glass door elements were combined to achieve the desired aesthetic. These materials, the layout of spaces, and the daily operation of the dental practice all contribute to this typology.

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