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2Life Communities

Golda Meir

Newton, MA

The Golda Meir House is one of many properties run by The Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly. The property was originally built in 1977 and a major addition in 1992 increased the number of dwelling units to 199. BFE was selected tp design a new addition which was completed in 2019. As an occupied rehab, the project required complex phasing to be coordinated between the contractor and owner. By reorganizing and prioritizing the building's common spaces, residents have multiple places to gather for leisure and programmed activities, all within close proximity of one another. These areas include the main lobby/atrium, mail area, library/computer room, game room, and a small store. Other programmatic features include operable glass partitions, which allow increased flexibility of use. The office suite was re-grouped in a different area of the building where more natural light was available for workers. Each of these offices has either direct or borrowed natural daylight. One of the less visual design goals was to centralize the mechanical systems, making the building more energy efficient. Each unit is provided with a water source heat-pump, allowing residents to control temperatures in their unit while providing fresh outside air.

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